The Booster Club is vital to the heart of the school.  Athletics play a major role in the advancement and relevance of JICS.  The Booster Club is made up of volunteers who work very diligently to collect funds for the elevation of the school’s sports program.  They are at work every time there is a sporting event and even at other school events on or off campus.  The next time you see a concession worker or a ticket collector, thank them.  They are passionately sold out for the advancement of JICS!

Championship Level Sponsors

JICS is looking for Corporate Partners!
Let us help you advertise your business! There are multiple opportunities, from Championship Level Sponsors to Event Sponsors.  Click SPONSOR to enter your information and a Booster Club representative will be in contact with you! Go Lions!

Lion Booster Club Events

For more Volunteer Information, please contact Booster Club President  Tony Hamilton at the email below to see how you can help!