James Island Christian School
High School Leadership Academy

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James Island Christian School
High School Leadership Academy

Coming Fall 2024

The JICS High School Leadership Academy will start with individual classes beginning with a freshman class in the fall of 2024, and will continue adding one class each year. The Leadership Academy will continue with the tradition of offering an excellent and rigorous academic program without compromising on the core values of being Christ-centered and Biblically-based.

The JICS High School program will be leadership-based, following the Student Leadership University (SLU) 8-semester curriculum.   We will meet South Carolina High School graduation and major university admission requirements and offer college-level / dual enrollment courses through a certified third-party university program that shares our Christ-center, Biblically-based worldview. In addition to state-mandated graduation requirements, students will take an additional Bible and leadership course each semester throughout their High School experience.

Leadership-focused speakers, trips, and conferences are peppered into the curriculum, culminating in a final, Sr. Capstone Leadership project that competitively equips students for college and university entrance requirements.

Message from the JICS High School Principal

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What will a new high school look like?
JICS plans to offer a High School Leadership Academy centered around the concept of developing leaders in the home, community, and church. We desire to maintain our Biblically-based/Christ-centered focus without sacrificing academic excellence.
What factors have contributed to the adding of a JICS High School program?
JICS previously had a High School, and only wanted to bring back the High School program if there was a need in the community and it would serve a specific purpose. We see a niche in the market that is underserved in the James & Johns Island area. The JICS High School will be a Biblically-based, Christ-centered, academically excellent institution that prepares students as future Christ-centered leaders in their communities.
What is the JICS High School Leadership Academy?
The leadership academy is a school within a school. It is both a traditional school (English, Math, Science, and History) and an alternative school with opportunities to grow in Biblically-based, Christ-centered leadership. The leadership courses include both practical and experiential knowledge needed to understand the characteristics of strong leaders.
How has JICS expanded over the past couple of years?
In 2020, we experienced a 60% increase in enrollment that has continued to grow year after year. Since that time, we have been able to bring back several programs, including music and additional sports and extracurricular activities. With a Biblically-based, Christ-centered curriculum, we have committed to expanding our footprint by offering two classes for our K5-5th grades while maintaining our classroom 1:20 teacher to student ratio. (Many of the younger grades have a 1:15 ratio).
What does it meant by “literature-based” when referring to the Leadership Academy?
Research shows that strong “leaders are readers.” The SLU Leadership curriculum is based on biographies, books on leadership skills, character development, and case studies.
In addition to South Carolina High School required course work, are any other courses required for graduation?
Yes, JICS students will take one Bible and one additional Leadership course each semester, for a total of 4 credits in each subject.
Will JICS High School program offer college level course work?
Yes, the JICS High School will offer dual enrollment courses for students in their 11th and 12th grade years. These programs will be provided through a third party academic institution.
Will courses offered in the JICS High School program meet South Carolina graduation requirements?
Yes, the JICS High School program will meet South Carolina High School graduation requirements.
If my child enters JICS after his/her freshman year, will they still be able to meet the Leadership Academy requirements for graduation?
The course schedule is adjusted for students who enter their sophomore or junior year. Students will not be admitted at the senior level.
What will be taught in the JICS Leadership Academy?
Students will be taught skills that are widely recognized as needed for strong leadership, including time management, relational and servant leadership theories, ways to engage in the culture, understanding of personal strengths and weaknesses, and the Biblical calling to lead. Various famous leaders will be studied, including both positive and negative role models. Content will be taught through direct instruction, local and regional speakers, mentors from our local community and churches, projects and experiences, and conferences.
Will you offer sports programs?
Yes, there will be a variety of sports opportunities, including volleyball, basketball, tennis, soccer, and golf. If a sport is not offered by JICS, students are allowed to play for their zoned high school, and JICS will help facilitate the paperwork.
What types of courses will students take in the Leadership Academy?
Throughout the eight courses, students will read books written by strong Christian leaders, participate in discussions with local business leaders, and have opportunities to practice the skills they are learning. In addition, students attend two leadership conferences, a virtual conference in Year One (for most students, 9th grade) and a live conference in Washington, DC, in Year Two (for most students, 10th grade).

Extended Service-Learning Model

Are any community or mission trips included in the Leadership program?
Students will attend two conferences: 9th grade (virtual – foundations of leadership), 10th (trip to DC- spend time looking at the founding documents and Biblical principles that our country was founded upon.) The traditional Senior Trip will be an international mission trip that includes opportunities to put their leadership skills to use. There are also two additional Student Leadership University optional conferences in years 3 and 4. While these conferences will not be required (or included in tuition), JICS will help facilitate the attendance of any students who wish to participate.
Is there a service component of the Leadership academy?
Throughout all four years, there will be service opportunities that culminate with a Capstone project where the students must design and lead a service project.
What will be the average class size?
Each class (freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior) will be approximately 25 – 30 students, with individual courses having an average teacher-student ratio of 1:20.

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