JICS Dress Code Policy

Girls K5 - 8th Grade

Boys K5 - 8th Grade

 Uniform Choices
White, navy or light blue embroidered JICS polo with:
  • Navy or Khaki Shirt/Skort
  • Navy or Khaki Pants
  • Navy or Khaki Knee Length Shorts (No Cargo Pants)

Plaid jumper with white peter pan collar blouse or white turtleneck
Navy or light blue polo dress

Grade 6-8: All of the above and
  • JICS polo with plaid skirt/skort (no shorter than 3" above the knee)
Uniform Choices  
White, navy or light blue embroidered JICS polo tucked into:
  • Navy or Khaki Pants or Shorts
  • Navy or Khaki Pants
  • Navy or Khaki Knee Length Shorts (No Cargo Pants)

Solid black, brown or navy belt -- if the pants have belt loops the student must wear a belt
 Shoe & Sock Choices
  • Solid black or brown leather
  • Predominately black, white, dark blue or gray canvas or tennis shoes
  • Solid black, white or gray socks
  • Solid black, navy or white tights/leggings

Shoes should not draw attention to themselves: No boots, sandals, heels or light up shoes
 Outerwear Choices
  • Embroidered JICS navy or gray knit cardigan
  • Embroidered JICS navy or gray crew neck sweatshirt
  • Embroidered JICS navy fleece jacket or quarter zip

Outerwear choices listed above may be worn inside the classroom. Other outerwear must be stored during the day.
 PE Uniform Choices
  • Shorts & Shirts
    • Gray T-shirt with JICS logo
    • Blue athletic shorts with JICS logo
  • Sweats
    • Gray JICS Crew Neck Sweatshirts
    • Navy Sweatpants with JICS logo
It is expected that modesty, cleanliness, appropriateness, and Christian testimony will guide dress for all occasions at James Island Christian School. One’s appearance should glorify the Lord. Each student is to conduct oneself in accordance within his/her God created gender as stated on the state certified birth certificate by dressing in conformance with one’s biological sex.
  • Appearance shall be neat, clean, and modest – not drawing attention to self. 
  • Clothes shall be in good repair and of appropriate size. 
  • Hair shall be neat, clean, and well groomed. 
    • a. Boys: Hair shall be above the top of the collar of a dress shirt, and bangs cut above the eyebrow. Hair coloring is not acceptable. Young men should be clean-shaven. 
    • b. Girls: Hair should not obstruct student’s vision. Hair coloring shall not be dramatically different from natural color. Shaved or partly shaved heads are not acceptable. 
  • Non-JICS outerwear is not to be worn or carried during the school day but must remain in lockers or on hooks (exception: outdoor recess). During cool weather, students may wear a turtleneck of the same color under their JICS polo. If students choose to remove JICS outerwear during the school day, they must remain in JICS dress code (i.e. JICS polo). 
  • Boys are not permitted to wear earrings to school or school related activities. Girls are not permitted to wear more than two modest earrings in each ear. 

Special Occasions: On special occasions the administration may allow students to deviate from the dress code. On these days dress must be modest, in good repair, and within the guidelines provided for that specific day.

Spirit Fridays: Beginning in September • 1st Friday of each Month is themed dress up day – you may either participate in the theme or wear uniform • All other Fridays – you may wear the JICS t-shirt in lieu of a uniform shirt.